Mr Yogi :)

So that’s it…..finished and klaar, finito, done and dusted!!! Whoooohoooooo. Somebody is now a qualified Yoga Teacher. Our last day was really great, this morning’s class was tough, not just for me but for everyone I think. Most people’s bodies were sore and tired and their minds had probably switched off too after a rather […]

One More Day To Go…!

So that’s it, we are pretty much done and dusted after today!! One more Yoga and Meditation class tomorrow, our graduation ceremony and voila….finito!!! Started the day with our usual Yoga and Meditation training. It’s the last time on this course we do a self practise. I definitely want to do it when I get […]

Final Few Days Of Training!

Back to the last few days of business after a really enjoyable day off of not doing too much!! Spent the day just chilling with my yoga buddies filling it up with beach, nice lunch, massage, beach and dinner! So we had our penultimate Ashtanga self practise this morning. I woke up and I just […]

Teaching Class Complete!!!

April Fools Day and zero pranks or jokes. Well I did wake up and hear that the South African president had reshuffled his cabinet and got rid of our Finance Minister once again. I don’t get how in this day and age that can happen and it’s seems to be tolerated….the financial chaos he has […]

Weekend Is Nigh….!

It’s Friday…..whoooohoooooo…..oh no wait we still have another day of training! Haha, sad face, smiley face! We started our day with our self practise which was great and then this time we went straight into our self practise of meditation (and breathing) afterwards, with no break in-between like previously. It was really good actually. I […]

More New Things..!

Today was a really great day with a few new things happening and lots of learning going down! We had our Ashtanga self practise and this time we had extra attention with people who were our ‘adjusters’. These are people who are doing the next step or level of the course we are doing, they […]

First Assessment Done And Dusted!

Boooooom first assessment done and dusted! Started the day off with one of our last led practises which was a back bending class. I like it when we change it up from our usual Ashtanga classes. The flow and style of class are very different from each other. Our Meditation class was one called Yoga […]


Slept like a log – whoooohooooo! Bring on the mozzie nets OMW – talk about SWEATING! Seriously our training this morning was insane. It was sooooo hot it’s hard to describe. I’ve been to a fair few Bikram Yoga classes and man oh man were they hot but today I sweated more than I have […]

Let Week 3 Begin…!

So day off and feeling nice and refreshed for the week ahead…..hmmmmm?! Let’s wind back a tad though. Firstly our day off was great, we got some Tuk-Tuk’s and headed to a little beach town called Agonda about 20 mins away. It’s always good getting out and about and also away from the Yoga environment […]

Time For A Day Off :)

This mornings class was one of those where you just go through the motions. I woke up pretty damn tired and not 100% feeling it or in the mood. Also being the last day of the week before our day off made me that little more off focus because I knew we had a break […]

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