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More New Things..!

Today was a really great day with a few new things happening and lots of learning going down!

We had our Ashtanga self practise and this time we had extra attention with people who were our ‘adjusters’. These are people who are doing the next step or level of the course we are doing, they are doing their 300 Hour Teach Training and have already completed the 200 Hr Teacher Training we are doing. So 500hr in total!! Our group is really lucky because we have a great girl called Toni who is also studying to be a Doctor so she really knows her stuff and is really knowledgeable in her adjusting.

Once again it was like a sweat pit in class today, I had to change my mat again because it was so drenched in my sweat and started getting slippery……nice

I had to have a quick shower after practise and before meditation, I think everyone did actually! Meditation was great, we had our first self practise which was really good. The more I’m doing meditation the more I am wondering if it’s about distracting the mind from running away and thinking about a million things and to just focus on one, our current ‘one’ being breathing. That goes against the alternative which you are made to believe that it is to not think about anything at all and just sit in silence. Let’s see what I find out on my Meditation Course in a few weeks.

After breakfast we had a class on adjustments and how to apply them to people that are in your class. Was super interesting as I find that in Yoga classes at gyms etc you don’t really get adjusted properly because there is not always enough time. It’s really helps knowing how to adjust as well as being adjusted to help deepen your posture.

This afternoon we had a really interesting Yoga Philosophy class. The more I learn and understand the philosophy, the teachings, the scriptures, the writings etc about Yoga the more I am intrigued to find out more and it also makes a lot of logical sense as to why you do it and what you are aiming to achieve by doing it.

We had our first peer to peer teaching class this afternoon and the girl in our group who did it absolutely rocked the class. She did such a great job for her first ever class, she has definitely set the bar a very high level in our group…..eeeek!

Dinner this evening was great as is every meal we have. Not just because I think that the food is great and not having to cook is quite a luxury but also because you get to learn so much about people and their countries and the issues they face, their thoughts and outlook of the world. To me all these moments need to be treated as learning experiences and it’s so cool that it’s so easy to learn something new by just sitting and listening…it’s also ammo for me for when I do eventually get my business going as I get to notice and learn about peoples psychology, habits, likes, dislikes etc etc

Now time for a good kip and another action packed day ahead tomorrow

Love and thoughts to all

Gareth / China / BB / Token

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