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Let Week 3 Begin…!

So day off and feeling nice and refreshed for the week ahead…..hmmmmm?! Let’s wind back a tad though.

Firstly our day off was great, we got some Tuk-Tuk’s and headed to a little beach town called Agonda about 20 mins away. It’s always good getting out and about and also away from the Yoga environment for a little. We just spent it chilling and eating on the beach as well as going to a cool vegan / vegetarian restaurant called Zest. I got myself a massage in the evening and was feeling like a million bucks with my muscles, knots and twists all sorted.

Most of us spent the evening studying because we had to do a mock of our first full class today in a one-to-one session.

Getting to sleep was another story – for some reason I could just not sleep. My mind wasn’t racing or thinking of 50 millions ways to save the world or finding things to worry about but I think I was just not tired enough. 12am rolls on and still no sleep, it’s also baking hot with my fan on full throttle, I then have a marvellous idea to decide it’s a good time to maybe try out the mozzie net as a few of the little buggers were pestering me. Of course i’m in a bit of a daze and by trying to untangle the wires I make a massive knot which of course I have to untie because now the mozzie net is hanging in the middle of my bed! I need to get this knot unloosened so it will fit around my bed. Eventually I get it sorted like 10mins later and geeeez what a surprise “It’s awesome under the mozzie net” I don’t have to have any covers on my body and it’s not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. TWO WEEKS…..of BEING STUBBORN….to MYSELF….and not sleeping under the mozzie net. Why oh why do you do this to yourself Gareth…..hahaha so stupid! Anyway eventually I settle in and around 12:30 someone decides that this time on a Monday morning it is a good time to let loose and light a 20min stint of massive fireworks which sound like they are right above our little cabins!

Anyway surprisingly even though feeling a little tired I had a really great morning practise. Another day, a little looser and a bit more progress. I really enjoy our self guided classes, it allows you to really get into your practice both physically and mentally. I was absoooooolutely DRIPPING in sweat and felt sorry for the teachers giving me adjustments.

Did I mention how flippin hot it was today?! I must have had about 4 cold showers just to cool off.  Our afternoon session was really good, we got to do our own whole 1 hour Yoga class on a one to one basis and have it supervised by the yoga teachers here. I’d say mine went fairly well with a fair few tweaks to make before the real mccoy happens sometime in the next week. It was a long 3 hour session with each of us doing our classes back to back with feedback between and after.

This evening has been more studying and revision for our assessments this week. It’s going to be a busy and fun week ahead with a few exhausted faces at the end of it no doubt!

Wishing everyone a pleasant and happy week ahead

Gareth / China / BB / Token

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