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Time For A Day Off :)

This mornings class was one of those where you just go through the motions. I woke up pretty damn tired and not 100% feeling it or in the mood. Also being the last day of the week before our day off made me that little more off focus because I knew we had a break coming up very soon!

We had a very interesting session after which was about Kriyas and Shatkarma Yoga. These are ancient ways in how to cleanse the body. One of them we got to experiment which is called Jala Neti…..basically what you do is you take a mini tea pot, fill it with half a teaspoon of salt and fill it half up with water. You then bend over a little and pour the water through one nostril so that it goes up your noes and the water comes out the other nostril, you then switch nostrils!! Hahaha weird stuff but quite a great feeling afterwards because it really clears you out nicely! Apparently it’s really worth a try if you are not feeling well and are all bunged up.

We managed to finish our anatomy and alignment syllabus which was really interesting. We ended up going through every Ashtanga posture in first series (there are 5 or 6 series of Ashtanga), our one must have about 35-40 different postures in at least I reckon. I will have to count tomorrow.

After lunch I made sure to have a nice swim in the sea. It was blistering hot today with not much relent from the heat anywhere. I had two cold showers after my swim to try and cool down before our afternoon class.

We also finished off our Teacher Training Methodology. We learnt how to put together the ending of our class with the restorative postures as well as relaxation. On Monday and Tuesday we are in groups of two and get to take each other through the whole of our classes.

Next week is a week full of Assessments. We have our 2 or 3 theory assessments as well as our practical teaching assessment. I’ve asked to do mine first so that I can get it done and dusted. We will all be doing our assessments to 6 people, so a nice small class. It does mean that we are going to be doing Yoga for 5 hours a day though for about 5 days!! There will be a few tired bodies around from here on in I reckon.

Tonight our group all went out for Pizza which was a welcome break! The head yoga teacher in our group is leaving next Wednesday because she needs to do her Visa run. Basically most people get 6 month visas for India and when they need to get it renewed they leave the country via the nearest port for a few days and then come back in for another 6 months. Pretty much every country I’ve travelled to you hear of people doing their visa runs.

Dinner was cool and it’s always nice to get out of where we are staying and also to catch up with people without having to discuss Yoga!

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t have too much planned besides doing a few chores like getting my washing done and sort out some admin for back home…..maybe get a nice massage and hit the beach, yip that sounds good, might do that

Peace and love to all

Gareth / Token / China / BB

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