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Teaching Class Complete!!!

April Fools Day and zero pranks or jokes. Well I did wake up and hear that the South African president had reshuffled his cabinet and got rid of our Finance Minister once again. I don’t get how in this day and age that can happen and it’s seems to be tolerated….the financial chaos he has caused to South Africans while being our president is totally insane, immoral, detrimental etc etc.

Anyway…..we started our day off with a nice slow yet tough Hip Opening yoga class. Ouch! That’s how I felt during….but afterwards it was really great. Very slowly I’m getting greater flexibility in my hips. We had our Kriya Yoga afterwards which was the same water through the nose cleansing thing we did the Saturday before. Our Meditation afterwards was really nice we had someone who was using sound/healing bowls during it which made me totally drift off!

Our session after brekkie was an interesting one, we had some Hare Krishna guys come and give a talk. The guy who spoke was really knowledgeable and fascinating and had a lovely outlook on life. We had the singing which went along with it too and that was good fun, some got up and danced and the rest of us resisted. Haha!

I spent my extended lunch break practising for my first Yoga class. I was a little nervous but then decided to put on some Trance music which always manages to calm me down surprisingly, Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance 346 to be precise.

It was amazing, I had zero nerves for my class!!

The class went super well which I was chuffed about. I felt like I went into autopilot and it was over in a flash. Looking forward to taking many more in the future. The second I was finished it felt like a massive weight was lifted from my shoulders and from here on in there is absolutely zero to worry about or prepare for. So I’m pretty much done and dusted and now just need to train, eat and sleep. Whoooohooooo!!

After that we had a Yin Yoga class which I find really tough. You are pretty much holding yourself in different postures for 5 mins at a time. Even though they were seated or lying postures you really start to feel the myofascial release happening in your muscles. I can tell you that holding Pigeon pose for 5 mins takes it’s toll!!

Dinner was great, about 10 of us headed to a nearby restaurant which was super simple but served cracking Pizza!! Everyone was really happy to be off and away from our Shala and also looking forward to a day off of Yoga too. Hahaha!

Much love

Gareth / BB / China / Token

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