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First Assessment Done And Dusted!

Boooooom first assessment done and dusted!

Started the day off with one of our last led practises which was a back bending class. I like it when we change it up from our usual Ashtanga classes. The flow and style of class are very different from each other.

Our Meditation class was one called Yoga Nidra – it’s where you lie down and someone reads out various things to you like body scans and visualisation and you are meant to stay awake and focused and follow the instructions…..today I did well and managed it, well sort of.

I was listening to her but all listening to the sea, to another Yoga class which was going on behind us and also thinking about the future. Guess that defeats the point of meditation but I didn’t fall asleep which is what she asked us to do, haha.

After brekkie we had our final anatomy and alignment class which was just a quiz to prepare us for our assessment in the afternoon. Funnily enough a lot of those questions appeared in our assessment….!

We had 3 hours off in the afternoon to prepare for our assessment, I spent about an hour of it at the beach and the rest revising. The assessment itself was pretty easy to be honest, we had a selection of multiple choice, shorts answers, Sanskrit to English translations then we had to identify a list of 10 postures by being given a picture – we had to name them in Sanskrit and tell where they were in terms of their order in the series/sequence. The last bit was a short practical where we were given 3 different postures and needed to explain the alignment of them with as much detail as possible and also explain the modification or those postures if someone is unable to do the full version.

We then marked them all together afterwards and got our marks. The teachers were not interested in our marks which was a bit strange so basically everyone passed no matter what. Either way, happy days!!! That’s one out of the way. Two more to go and I’m done – the biggie being on Saturday when I actually teach my first class.

I spent an hour in the evening just body surfing in the sea while the sun set. I could get used to this lifestyle.

I didn’t get up to too much this evening besides a little travel admin. I’m just planning the next steps of my journey. So trying to book flights and trains to get to a place called Rishikesh which really sounds awesome. It’s on the foot of the Himalayas so that is going to be pretty special!

Anyway time for bed again. Hope everyone is well and having fun

Gareth / China / BB / Token

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