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So that’s it…..finished and klaar, finito, done and dusted!!! Whoooohoooooo. Somebody is now a qualified Yoga Teacher.

Our last day was really great, this morning’s class was tough, not just for me but for everyone I think. Most people’s bodies were sore and tired and their minds had probably switched off too after a rather gruelling campaign! My class was ok..ish – I knew it was my last one here and I was also super tired. I got a little irritated with my practise because I was on a piece of flooring that had an ever slight height difference in parts which made my balance slightly off in some postures, so I felt I focused in on that which distracted me!! Silly me – I should have just moved. LOL!

Our final meditation / pranayama training was great. We had it on the beach which was nice and we chanted a particular Mantra 54 times in a row. I found it awesome and it got me into a real trance like state mentally which was great for meditation. I’ve learnt so many cool ways to meditate and definitely feel like I have benefited tremendously from all the meditation we have done.

After class we were done!! We had brekkie and then free time until 3pm. Most people enjoyed just having some time to do what they wanted, some went shopping, some went to get tattoos, some like me just chilled at the beach!

Our closing ceremony was really touching. I was really moved by it. Firstly everyone was dressed in white.

We had our Hare Krishna guys there again, who really did bring great energy to the ceremony! The most awesome part for me was everybody sat in a circle and spoke about their experience. This whole experience was really amazing for me, I felt quite emotional when I spoke and for lots of other people too with a few people shedding tears when they spoke.

I’m not a religious person but I felt this fantastic energy which was generated by everybody dancing while singing the Hare Krishna mantra. It got me thinking a little about people that are religious and what and why they really believe what they do and why they go to church to sing and ‘socialise’…? I was reading recently that singing and dancing are one of the most therapeutic things we can do as humans. So my thoughts are maybe that by being surrounded by people with the same feelings and beliefs and participating in dance (clapping and waving hands in church) and singing (hymns in church) people are just really united through sing and dance. By doing this we create a sense of togetherness and belonging as singing and dancing is so engrained in our genetic make-up as humans that it just brings out this natural joy and euphoria. It’s a hard one to explain my thoughts in a short paragraph and as it’s crossing that religious line I’ll leave it right there.

Anyway – I’m really grateful for such an amazing experience. The yoga and learning have been so amazing, but once again it all comes down to the people and I think we have been so lucky with the group who was on our course.

Cherish everything and every moment you have in life but mostly cherish the people in your life. Love you all long time!


Yogi Gareth x

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