My first Medium post — over 365 days late!

I have honestly had this account for over a year now and also had a reminder in my phone for probably the same amount of time saying that I need to start writing on Medium!! The amount of times that reminder has been snoozed and reset is rather ridiculous and embarrassing! Sometimes I do wonder […]

It Takes A Lot To Beat A Summers Day And Evening In London!

I’m sitting here after an absolute beaut of a long weekend in London weather wise. For those of you who live in London or who have ever lived here before will know that this city buzzes when the weather is great. I guess it’s partly because it doesn’t happen that often so everyone makes the […]

Shoooweeeee – The AltMBA – That Was Intense!!

Well Hello Hello Peeps!! Geez I know I know….5.5 weeks since my last post! I have a good reason For 5 weeks I was doing this course called the altMBA it was developed by Seth Godin. He is well known as one of the worlds most followed bloggers, a leading marketer and the author of many top selling […]

Mr Yogi :)

So that’s it…..finished and klaar, finito, done and dusted!!! Whoooohoooooo. Somebody is now a qualified Yoga Teacher. Our last day was really great, this morning’s class was tough, not just for me but for everyone I think. Most people’s bodies were sore and tired and their minds had probably switched off too after a rather […]

The Yogi Adventure Begins

Gooooooood day all!! Well Day 1 of Yoga Teacher Training done and dusted and it was pretty intense, even though by comparison to the rest of the course it was a fairly chilled day!! Our first practise was for 2 hours from 8-10am and most definitely put me in my place. It was quite literally […]

Orientation And Aha Moments…!

Don’t you just love flying, it’s an awesome excuse to just sit back relax, be lazy, get fed and have a movie marathon!! I got through 4 on my trip: Manchester by the Sea – thought it was ok, never quite got going for me The Revenant – such a good film but gruesome!! I […]

People Are Awesome And Everything

I am always blown away by how awesome people are. Maybe I am just lucky and have such awesome friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. The response and well wishes I received from my first post brought a massive smile to my face as well as a lot of water to my eyes…..haha ok I was […]

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