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Final Few Days Of Training!

Back to the last few days of business after a really enjoyable day off of not doing too much!! Spent the day just chilling with my yoga buddies filling it up with beach, nice lunch, massage, beach and dinner!

So we had our penultimate Ashtanga self practise this morning. I woke up and I just wasn’t feeling it, you know those days?!! I was a little tired both physically and mentally and when your mind is not switched on then you may as well forget it. I would give my session a 60% and I’m definitely going to rectify that tomorrow for my last self practise of this course. In Yoga they say to not get attached so because I had an ‘ok’ practise I must not treat it like that. Just let it go and life goes on. Same as if you have a great practise, just acknowledge it and move on. The same can be said for good and bad times, negative and positive things, don’t get attached to either of them as things will change so accept them for what they are and move on. It doesn’t mean don’t get super excited or upset temporarily, as that is the way we are wired as emotional humans. Enjoy moments but don’t get attached to them.

My self meditation and breathing after was awesome though, it’s amazing how you can train yourself to sit and breath in silence for an hour. I only had to change the way I sat once today which was pretty good as I’m normally a little jack-in-the-box.

Brekkie was cracking as usual, I’m gutted that I only have 3 more breakfasts to look forward to here

After brekkie we had our Adjusting class which I really really enjoy a lot. I’m finding it really really beneficial. It’s something that doesn’t happen much at all in normal yoga classes because there just isn’t enough time to do it. I think having adjustment workshops is something I’d like to explore more to either go to or offer myself when I am in London.

Slowly my creative juices are starting to flow again and cool little ideas are popping up which I’d like to explore more or add to my offering as a Health and Fitness Coach. I always find that I need to be away from the hustle and bustle to start getting more creative, or maybe just be away from a (my) full time job actually. Also being surrounded by so many inspiring people and chatting to them most days is helping to expand my horizons and think differently.

I had an extra long time on the beach after lunch because it’s my last few days and I also had nothing to prepare for this afternoon so could just enjoy the luxury of having plenty of free time! Whoooohoooo

After lunch we had our peer to peer teaching classes which were really great. Everyone in our group performed so well. It’s quite hard to believe that people have only been here for 3 weeks and able to construct, instruct and teach a full one hour class. It’s amazing what can be achieved when you totally immerse yourself in something. I feel my brain has consumed so much new, awesome information since we got here!!

Tonight we booked our train ticket to Rishikesh for Friday morning. So a few of us are flying from Goa to Delhi and then catching a train from Delhi to a town close to Rishikesh. Will be an interesting journey, we have got a sleeper train ticket. It cost £10 for an 8 hour trip! Ridiculous!

After 5 hours of training today, I’m pretty knackered and ready to hit the sack for sure!!

Wishing everyone an awesome week


Gareth / China / Token / BB

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