Time For The Final Chapter To Begin :)

HAPPY EASTER everyone – hope you have all had an awesome break and got to spend some quality time with your friends and family and also got to over indulge on many Easter Eggs!! So the last few days of my courses were great – it was all about the practical elements of cooking and […]

What Type Of Dosha Are You?!

Hello hello – feeling nice and rev’d up and excited this evening! The last two days have been fantastic, with a massive amount of information being dumped on us. My schedule has been pretty similar both days, both mornings I have set my alarm to wake up and go do Yoga and both days I […]

Ayurveda Learning Time…!

Well hello hello…!! After a few days break from learning about Yoga, practising Yoga everyday and being a Yogi I’m now back in action with my next learning venture. Firstly just to back track a little, it was a rather sad day saying goodbye to everyone the day after our Yoga course finished. Slowly but […]

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