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What Type Of Dosha Are You?!

Hello hello – feeling nice and rev’d up and excited this evening!

The last two days have been fantastic, with a massive amount of information being dumped on us. My schedule has been pretty similar both days, both mornings I have set my alarm to wake up and go do Yoga and both days I have managed to sleep for another two hours instead – haha, the joys of being on holiday! Who knows maybe my body is telling me to just rest a little more or maybe I’m being a lazy bastard. Either way I’m a happy bastard

Brekkie is at 9am and then I have class from 10-12 (Nutrition), 12-2pm (Massage)

Lunch at 2pm and then class (Marma) from 4-6pm

I try get some Yoga or walking in after that and then have dinner around 7:30

In Ayurveda we as humans are split into three different types of doshas/people (qualities) using the 5 different elements

Vata – Air and Space

Pitta – Fire and Water

Kapha – Water and Earth

People can be classified as one of these but most are generally a combo of two (with one being dominant) and some people are a combo of all 3.

There are so many physical and mental attributes to each, a few are:-

Vata people are generally tall or short with thin frames. Excitable, imaginative, free-spirited and irregular in their routine

Pitta people are medium physique, strong and well built. Sharp mind, assertive, competitive, organised and sweat a lot

Kapha people have a sturdy, heavier build. The are easy going, relaxed and loving, they are not easily upset and can gain weight easily

When one of these types of people is experiencing an imbalance then it’s best to first try and repair that imbalance with food, then massage and then natural herbal medicine. As foods all have these 5 elements because they are part of nature too they hold properties to restore the balance. Eg. If a Pitta person is experiencing an imbalance where they are too hot and sweating as a result then it’s best to give them foods which have cooling affects and posses higher Vata and Kapha (cooling) properties.

Our massage classes were great with us doing practical for the last two days. It’s pretty awesome getting head, neck, shoulder and face massages while ‘studying’ – Haha. The guy I have partnered up with seems to really like giving massages too (should I be worried, haha!), who am I to complain though!!

My Marma course has been a private one on one with the Dr here. He is a great bloke and more than happy to share his time teaching me. Marma goes hand in hand with massage and what they are basically are pressure or energy points in your body which can be stimulated to help various different alignments and issues which people are experiencing. You can also just do it on a daily/weekly basis to prevent any issues occurring too. There are 107 of these points located on/in our bodies. I hope everyone is ready for a bit of prodding when I get back to reality to test them all out!

Hump day done and wishing everyone and awesome run to the weekend

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