Bye Bye And Thank You India :)

So sitting on my flight back to London thinking what is next, where do I go from here, how do I get things started, how do I use all this new found knowledge? I’ve read so many flippin entrepreneur, motivational, strategy etc etc etc books, listened to so many podcasts, been on so many courses, […]

Penultimate Day / Exam Done!

I’m sitting at the same restaurant that I have for the last 3 nights, eating the same dish. Not because I’m a boring, sad bastard but because the place is flippin awesome and their vegetable biryani dish is off the charts tasty and massive too! Although it’s probably the friendliness and kindness of the staff […]

What Is Meditation…?

It’s been a while since I wrote and I reckon it’s because the meditation has been a lot to take in. It is certainly a process and journey which needs to be understood and unravelled but at the same time not thought about too much. Same same but different I feel like this has been […]

Meditation Teacher Training!!

Whaaaoooooo Meditation Training – WOW. Not what I expected but flippin cool and learning a truck load We are lucky that we have a nice small group of people on the course, only 5, so we are able to get extra attention and go into more detail. We have two different teachers who attend different […]

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