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What Is Meditation…?

It’s been a while since I wrote and I reckon it’s because the meditation has been a lot to take in. It is certainly a process and journey which needs to be understood and unravelled but at the same time not thought about too much. Same same but different

I feel like this has been the most beneficial part of my trip and mind opening too. It has broken my meditation shackles and also changed my whole perception on what mediation really is and it’s not just sitting in silence trying to not have a distracted mind. It’s way more than that….

Firstly I reckon you need to be ready and open to the process otherwise there is no point in starting. The meditation techniques we have learnt have been primarily Osho and Tantra techniques – its very IMPORTANT to not get caught up in the name as the Western world has skewed and twisted both of those terms to be highly sexually focused. Everything we have learnt has absolutely ZERO to do with that. Our main teacher, Shiva, spent 3 years at the main Osho centre in Pune, India and politely explained to not believe everything you hear.

Meditation certainly is a journey and a very long one, I have simply touched the surface of a massive iceberg in my 8 days so far. It’s a journey of building up willpower, transforming your thoughts and perceptions of yourself and the world, overcoming shyness and tendencies which may embarrass you. It’s about introspection and being ready to explore who you really are by tearing back the layers you have managed to accumulate over the years of growing up and older. It’s definitely about going deeper and releasing emotions that have been built up and held as blockages in our bodies energy systems. It’s about becoming a better version of yourself and a better person for those around you. I could probably spend pages writing about it but I know that I will get the opportunity to talk, write and teach more about this in the future because I feel strongly that it’s something everybody needs to explore (when they are ready).

I’m not a wishy washy sort of person so would never advise people to do some airy fairy stuff but this is real. I do feel you need to immerse yourself in it initially though, like a weekends workshop or week would be ideal. It’s not something like the ‘Headspace App’ which is definitely a killer business idea but not what most of us need, in my experience. Although maybe that’s a great catalyst to get us interested to explore further.

I will delve more into the different techniques we have learnt in my next update!

Firstly since my last post there were two things worth mentioning, we visited an Ashram which The Beatles came to in the 60’s to learn Transcendental MeditationFlip – what an AMAZING, mystical place!! In a way it’s sad that it’s now derelict but at the same time it’s amazing walking around trying to imagine what it must have been like there back in the day. The parties, the energy, the everything must have been rather special

They managed to write a lot of the lyrics which featured on the White Album and Abbey Road. I’ll post some photies on FB and IG soon.

Secondly I said goodbyes to my two Italian mates, one who I met on my Yoga course and then other is his mate who I met in Rishikesh. Both great guys who I had the pleasure of meeting on this trip and will definitely see again somewhere on the road.

Exam day tomorrow so over and out until then

Peace, love and power

Gareth / BB / China / Token

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