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If you’re an influencer. Influence with integrity.

This is me and my Ferrari. I’m Gareth, 38 years old. I bought this car second hand about 8 years ago. It is the first and only car I have ever owned. If it goes for another 10 years I will be chuffed 🙂

Before I carry on, I’m very aware of how this message might sound and that it’s easy to get misconstrued. I’m opening up myself for a barrage of abuse but that’s cool because that’s what ‘not sitting on the fence’ results in.

I think that there is a wrong message being spread by certain people that are considered influencers. If you do genuinely have a Ferrari or Private Jet then that is awesome. You have clearly done well for yourself, congrats. I have mates who drive sensational cars but I know they have worked their butts off to afford them and more importantly, it’s also a passion of theirs. That I get 100%.

However, sadly, a lot of people who are posing with these exclusive vehicles do not actually own them and for some strange reason think that it is a good idea to pose with them and that it might elevate their status. This is the wrong message to send to people who look up to them. I honestly believe that by posing with cars and planes, these are insecurities which need to be dealt with. Seeking validation and acceptance in this manner are pain points that need to be seriously worked on, starting with some deep internal reflection.

While money is only one of many pillars to being ‘wealthy’. Financial security and certainty is something that many of us strive for, however, it’s a constant struggle. I feel super fortunate that I had a strict and ethical stepdad who taught me the value of money from a young age. If I wanted something, then I had to pay for it myself.

So I got my first job at 13 which was selling VHS tapes. I then spent 5 years as a waiter after that. Some times holding down 2 waiter jobs. The best thing was that I quickly learned the value of money and took immense pride in the things which I bought. At 16 years old, I bought and paid for my first secondhand motorbike in the space of a year. I cannot tell you how much pride that gave me as a youngster.

Ever since then I have realised the importance of saving and being conscious of how I spend my cash. By the age of 40, I want to be mortgage free. It mostly involves effort and a bit of discipline…things like making your breakfast and lunch for work every single day will save you 10s of 1,000s over your career which will probably span 50 years. I’m not denying anyone their luxury if they can afford it, but do you really need that Gucci handbag or Rolex watch? Most likely not…

Enjoying life is key, spend your money on things which are going to create memories to look back on. It’s important to be prudent and to spend your money wisely. There is going to be some financial turbulence around the world in the coming years and it’s important to have your things in order.

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