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The £24,000 you’re throwing away

Most people these days seem to be a mix of rushed off their feet and too busy, which means that we make provisions. A lot of those provisions mean that we go for the quick and easy option. One of those is grabbing a quick coffee, breakfast and lunch each day. If you live in any major city, that can easily be about £12 per day, to be on the conservative side of things (£2 coffee, £4 brekkie, £6 lunch)

Over 10 years, that can amount to a small fortune. Say you work 230 days a year. Over 10 years that is £27,600

Now say you made your meals yourself over those 10 years and took your own coffee into the office. The daily cost would probably be about £4. Over the 10 years, the difference in those amounts will be £18,400

If you took the difference you would save each month between buying and making yourself, which is about £153.33 per month, and you invested it in a monthly savings account which paid you 5% interest, then after 10 years that amount would be £23,765.45

While that amount may not seem too significant over the span of 10 years, there are other benefits to be had too. You will most likely be more healthy because generally the food we make is healthier than what we buy, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the food you eat, you’ll learn a new skill, you’ll add discipline to your life and you would have saved yourselves about 34,500 minutes of queueing up to pay for your breakfasts and lunches. That is 24 solid days of standing in queues!!

Imagine if you applied this theory to other parts of your life too…

It’s worth thinking strategically about some of the decisions we make in life. The compound benefit of planning a little, is more than worth it in the long run…

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