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Where Does The Time Go…??!!

Hello Everybody!

It’s 23:35 on a Sunday night, I was meant to be picking the missus up from the airport an hour and a half ago but it has been delayed almost 3 hours and the poor girl is still sitting on the runway in Madrid. Late one for me tonight! Work will be interesting tomorrow……oh wait, maybe I’ll just have a little sleep in

So it’s been a busy 10 days or so. It’s amazing how quickly the days go now – I literally don’t get up for a breath of air and the day is done. I guess when you are enjoying what you do and learning a bunch of new stuff it keeps you focused and captivated. If only I worked this hard when I was at the bank, LOL

I say ‘work hard’ but I still manage to get distracted daily! It really is an art and discipline to stick to tasks. I also reckon I’ve been a bit easy on myself and thought that I’m allowed to drift a little and work things out slowly. That is done and from tomorrow I aim to have more structure and more focus and just being flippin more accountable. No more messing around and slacking Gareth

Well I started my Chef’s training two Fridays ago, the first few weeks are classroom based covering Nutrition for everyday living. I absolutely love going to class and find it fascinating, just by how much interest I am showing I know that this is the right decision and journey for me. I can’t get enough of it! I love my weekly homework and am just sucking in all this new information!! I also need to complete 60 hours of online studying and classes of anatomy and physiology followed by a few exams – so that is keeping me super busy!

Last week I launched the rename of Rep’n and Prep’n to Fit Ethos – you can check the short video I put together on my Instagram or Facebook Page – The FB page name still needs to be updated too but this takes a few days and needs to be approved by Facebook…. hopefully they do it!! It’s now time to really start focusing and ramping up my online presence, although I need to be patient as there is soooooooooo much to learn about online marketing and how best to use and optimise all social networks. I know that it’s so important to learn how to do it properly which is why I have signed up to many courses on Udemy. I found out the other day that the highest grossing person on Instagram (it’s either Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner) is earning up to $1.3m per mention she gives a brand in one of her posts!! That is rather insane!!

So we (Maressa and I) just finished week 2 of the Wimhof Method and it’s been really awesome and enjoyable. The cold showers take a bit of getting used to but are now bearable and holding our breath has really improved too! My longest hold was 2min 30secs. We start week 3 tomorrow which is going to be even more of a challenge.

I’ve also been keeping up my yoga practise which I’m enjoying. It’s interesting because I cannot say that I absolutely love it 100% yet but that is like with most things that are difficult and push you out of your comfort zone. Like anyone starting to exercise, start training for something or a beginning a new eating plan….it takes some getting used to, is painful and hard in the beginning but once you cross a certain point or barrier it’s something you start loving. I’m on the path to start loving it. I feel like a million bucks every time I finish a session, it’s just the getting started part I need to start looking forward to more

Saying that I have also started a new 90 day program to learn how to do handstands properly as well as begin to learn how to do cool arm balance exercises all of which I can incorporate and will tremendously help improve my own yoga practise! There is this awesome guy called Dylan Werner who I admire for the strength and control he has over his body. The program is in 3 parts and called Fly Strong from the CodyApp.

I was watching a show on Netflix yesterday called GMO OMG and it is seriously concerning the amount of chemicals which are used on foods in the US and foods used for animal farming as well as in the soil to grow crops. Another frightening statistic is that there are more people in prison than there are farmers (Principal Farmer) in the US due to the mass production and large farming companies taking control.

Wishing everyone an awesome week, after all the atrocities last week in London and the tragic fires in Knysna I hope that this is a more calm one.

Love and peace

Gareth / China / BB / Token

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