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First Day Of Self Practise :)

Damn I jinxed it….! After mentioning sleep last night. I probably had my most interrupted night ever. I felt like I was being attacked by stealth mozzies, ants or bed bugs….I haven’t figured it out just yet! Add to the fact that the electricity has been out since last evening so my room was baking all night, I then had to put on a t-shirt because I was getting bitten and I never ever sleep with one because I get waaaaaay too hot!!

Literally as I am typing this the electricity is going on and off about every 5 seconds. Lights on, fans on, lights off, fan off, lights on, fans on, lights off, fan off, lights on, fans on, lights off, fan off!! Hahaha – oh the joys. I’ll just put this in the appreciation bank for when I eventually get home. It’s really important to come on trips like these because it really makes you appreciate the ‘little things’ in life like constant electricity supplies which we just take for granted in developed countries.

So this mornings practise was rather interesting. We did a self practise, which is when you don’t have a teacher instructing you but you actually take yourself through every posture. I think the general consensus was that everyone really enjoyed it a lot, even though we all made a few mistakes here and there which is to be expected first time up. I’m really looking forward to it again and am quite excited at the prospect of doing it most days as part of a new routine when back in London.

This afternoon we had to take our mini class which was really good fun. Just doing 30mins to three people was a nice little challenge. I have massive respect for teachers who take any fitness classes, it’s not once you actually put yourself in their shoes do you appreciate the effort it takes to construct and instruct a class.

Every day around 16:15 we get a snack and more often than not they put out amazing fruit. The fruit here is sooooo good. Every now and then they have a nice little surprise and today it was like a banoffee fudge….jeepers it was hard to say no to so I had two pieces. I think the 5 hours of physical training today helped justify it a little!

This evening one of the girls in our group, Jess, took us for handstand practise. So about 12 of us did that tonight for an hour before dinner! I think I’m on the road to mastering the head stand and the hand stand is next on the list. I’ve always been so impressed and inspired by people who have amazing body strength and balance. I am personally useless at both which is one of the reasons I am doing Yoga and went to tonight’s lesson too.

I took the evening off homework tonight to have a bit of down time as it is rather intense and full on here. One more day tomorrow and then we have the evening and Sunday off! I cannot wait

Wishing everyone an amazing weekend

Much love and best wishes

Gareth / China / BB / Token

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