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Start Of Week 2!

Back to business today after a much deserved and needed day off on Sunday!

The body was a little stiff and tired first thing this morning after having a day off from Yoga yesterday. It felt good after the first few postures to be back though. I had a great practise with a few mini victories of progression on certain Asanas (Postures). The head stand got me again though, I was up for about 3 breaths but then the fear of falling and also putting too much weight on my neck sent me straight down again. It’s also amazing at how little lower abdominal control / strength I have!!

Our breathing and meditation practise was really great today, we focused on 3 different types of breathing which makes the meditation easier as your mind does not drift that much, if at all. I keep getting surprised at how quickly an hour of meditation can go!

We had our usual Anatomy and Alignment class in the morning and then in the afternoon after lunch we had our Teaching Methodology class which was really great. We had homework from Saturday to complete which was writing out how we would describe and say or ‘teach’ the first two sequences of Ashtanga called Surya Namaskara A&B (Sun Salutation A&B) which are about 24 postures or movements in total. We then had to get into groups and firstly say out our instructions while our ‘students’ performed them and then do the same but also demonstrate at the same time! I found it helluva fun actually – more the speaking out of instructions cause I kinda have a thing for telling people what to do


Oh yes I also picked up my first load of washing at lunch. Everything folded and washed for about £1.90 – result!

We then had our second Yoga class for the day which was an Ashtanga Vinyasa class. It was an example of a class similar to what we need to prepare for in our assessment soon! Eeeeeek – Should be fine I reckon, I’m really looking forward to it actually!

We are spoilt for sunsets here and every evening a group of us head to the beach after our last class to have a swim and rinse the sweat off before dinner time!

It’s always interesting at dinner deciding who you are going to sit next to and talk to. It’s buffet style food and everyone arrives at various different times within our hour slot. Luckily we have a really great bunch of people so it’s always interesting and nice chat at meals.

It was good to find out and hear that I am not the only one who’s mind is sometimes unfocused during a Yoga session even though the body is there. I’m getting much better mind you but I do still get angry with myself when I can’t do certain poses. That’s the ego talking though and I must quieten that bad boy and be conscious that I am only just over one week in and also have 20 years of weight training which is holding me back!! Haha

Anyway tonight has been spent studying and preparing for the first 15 mins of my first class which we need to present tomorrow. Loads of fun and learning so I can only be happy.

Hope everyone had a super start to the week.


Gareth / BB / China / Token

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