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Energetic Day!

I woke up feeling sprightly and full of energy today!! What a day to be full of energy too – we had such an action packed energy filled, fun day with everyone really enjoying our late afternoon practise.

Class this morning was great, I can feel every day that there are little improvements in my understanding of the Ashtanga practise, remembering the posture names that little bit more, getting a little deeper into each posture, being aware of my body alignment and enjoying it more too! It’s amazing the progress you can achieve when you immerse yourself in something. I’m sure that this course is going to teach me (and remind me) about many more things other than just Yoga.

Our meditation class was on the beach this morning which was a nice change, I still find that I prefer a quiet environment to meditate in. I’m such a novice though, so maybe one day I will be able to tune in and use any surrounding noises or just tune them out completely. Little steps…

Brekkie was spot on as always but then I can eat porridge and fruit for the rest of my life and be a happy camper!!! I haven’t even touched the boiled eggs and other brekkie which they have for us everyday.

Our alignment and anatomy class is always great. Once again I learn a stack about tweaks I need to make to the postures in my practise. It’s amazing how you can go to so many yoga classes in your life and don’t realise the mistakes you are making. I’m flippin loving learning all this….the ego is taking a pounding but that it also a great thing for me to work on!

After lunch and a swim in the sea (I will mention that everyday!) we had our teaching methodology class. I’m really thankful we are having this class because the thought of teaching an hours long class in two weeks time is rather daunting!! They are breaking everything down for us really well. Today we had to team up in pairs and practise to explain the instructions for two simple postures……eeeek hearing yourself talk and thinking what to say to verbally instruct people will be a little harder than we all think. It’s just going to be about practise and a super amount of repetition to make it sink in!

The best class of the day was a back bending workshop with the main man here = Kranti!! WOW – the exercises we did to strengthen and improve our back bends were amazing. The class overran by 30 mins because everyone was enjoying it so much and so high on energy. It was such a great feeling and also a cool observation. As we were doing a lot of back bends I think it releases a lot of good energy and neurotransmitters through our nervous system. I don’t want to get too euphoric and hippish but it was one pumped up class. Everyone was really proud of themselves for the advancements they made I reckon.

We had the most amazing sunset tonight too. Jeepers! Lots of people headed down to the beach for a swim before dinner. I had such a super chat with a really great chap on the course, Alesandro from Sicily! One of my favourites things about travelling is the people you meet and friendships you make!

After dinner pretty much everyone heads backs to their rooms or breaks up into little groups to study what they have learnt that day. Tomorrow we train again and then Sunday we have the day off!!

Wishing everyone a super awesome weekend

Gareth / China / BB / Token

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